Cell Therapy Bootcamp: hPSC Biomanufacturing

A 5-day intensive course designed to provide comprehensive skills development in human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) maintenance in culture within a simulated GMP environment according to industry-focused best practices.

This hPSC Biomanufacturing Bootcamp is divided into five modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of hPSC culture:

  1. Introduction to hPSCs: including their discovery and potential applications.
  2. Thawing and seeding of hPSCs: including techniques for counting and aliquoting cells (maximizing cell viability and minimizing contamination)
  3. Feeding and observations: including preparation of culture media, routine monitoring of cell growth, and troubleshooting common issues
  4. Passaging: including techniques for expansion and subculturing (cell line stability and avoiding genetic drift)
  5. Harvest and cryopreservation: including techniques for dissociating cells, freezing and storing cells, and strategies for maintaining cell line integrity over time.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained a solid understanding and demonstrated practical skills necessary for successful culture and maintenance of hPSCs in a GMP environment.

Focused on job readiness:

  • Co-created with key opinion leaders from industry & academia
  • Scenario-based training for competency development /certification
Who would benefit

This course is ideal for pre-clinical, early and late-stage clinical cell therapy developers along with academic research groups working with hPSCs.

  • Therapeutic Developers (Academia/Industry)
  • Research scientists
  • Cleanroom operators
  • Process engineers
  • Cell biologists and Technologists
  • Specialists in:
    • Biomanufacturing and
    • process development
    • Quality Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Regulatory Specialist
Training Program
  • Practical skills assessments (e.g. setting up GMP workflow)
  • Proper aseptic technique training (e.g. cleaning, handling, contamination prevention strategies)
  • Good documentation practices (e.g. batch record completion)

    Training Environment

    CATTI offers a first of its kind training space for advanced therapies. This 2,000 sq ft training facility, located at the University of Guelph, includes a classroom and a state-of-the-art CL2 lab equipped with the latest technologies for the production of human cell therapies.

    Quick Info

    Course delivered at:
    Guelph University, OVC Building

    5-day course
    From Monday to Friday
    9:00am to 5:00pm

    Courses are limited to 12 participants for maximum knowledge uptake and hands-on time. Make sure to save your spot now!


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